Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Reassurance

I have written before about Two and his strange mix of a love of learning and a (shall we say) slight contempt for things like difficult school work and standardized testing. Suffice it to say, he was like this at the beginning of first grade and now, 18 months later, he's still at it. We're slowly coaching him to take schoolwork more seriously, but part of him is still composed of the child who answered no questions out of 140 on the first Stanford test he took. So it was a relief to me today* when I was seated next to a very intelligent and interesting woman who has a daughter now in her mid-twenties, and hear this woman comment on how much her daughter was like Two at this age. As she put it "Katherine never let a little thing like schoolwork get in the way of learning something she was really interested in." Since the Katherine in question is about to receive her PhD in History from Harvard and is the author of a best-selling novel, this made me feel a teeny, tiny bit better about Two and his frustrating habits. Time has yet to tell, but I think my curious, quirky little monster has a very good future ahead of him.

Fingers crossed, all the same. ;)

*Out of an over-active sense of duty I accompanied my mother in law to the Junior League for a luncheon hosted by the volunteer organization of which she is president this year. I-yi-yi.

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