Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smoothie Love

I've been enjoying the best smoothie ever lately - one that I pretty much copied from Kristen Howerton at Rage Against The Minivan. Of course I made modifications of my own, because I've never met a recipe I didn't want to play with. It's more fun that way, you see? So here it is - wait, before I write it down, I have to warn you first: it's green. But you're going to love it so much, you're not even going to care ... or even notice after you've had your first sip. Honest.

Mongo Green Smoothie

1 cup Greek yogurt (I like Fage 0%, but there's enough to choose from these days so go with what you like)
1 cup fresh raw spinach
1/2 cup frozen mango (I buy the mango and pineapple already frozen at Whole Foods)
1/2 cup frozen pineapple
1/2 cup OJ
1/2 to 1 frozen banana (We always have "banana leftovers" and they're perfect for smoothies. Just peel, break in 1/2 and throw in the freezer in a bag).
Agave to taste

Just throw it all in the blender and go. It takes my KitchenAid blender a while to get this thing together, but it does work eventually.

Be brave: give it a try. It's like a blind date, only better. Cheers.

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