Monday, April 25, 2011

Word Etymology and the Eight Year Old

The boys and I were talking on the way to taekwondo the other day and the subject veered onto the etymologies of various words. After a pause in which I reminded Two that "every word has its own story - not just what it means but where it came from" (never miss an educational opportunity, I always say) we continued on our way, and the conversation rolled along (and along and along) until it we began to discuss how we face East when we pray; we do so because the rising sun is an icon of Christ rising from the dead. Out of the blue Two interrupted and announced "well, that much be why they call it 'Easter'! It's the East where the sun rises, and if the rising sun reminds us of Jesus, then the words must come from the same place! East! Easter!"

He might not be too far wrong, apparently. Little did I know - but I can say that about a lot of things these days. One thing I do know: my mind and that eight year old's do not work in the same way. And we're all probably better off for it, I think.

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