Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Linky Goodness

I am actually, for real, sitting on a two hour conference call with work. So instead of posting anything substantive from my own brain, here are some links to good stuff:

The Anchoress has an hysterical (and sad) story about Hillary Clinton's visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, where an image of Mary was miraculously imprinted on cloth in the 16th century. Asks Ms. Clinton "Who painted it?" Sigh.

The Anchoress also recommends this site, and I have to wholeheartedly second that recommendation. It's the story of a young mom who has given birth to a truly miraculous baby, Faith. Faith has anecephaly - she is missing most of her brain. And yet she lives, 32 days after her birth, without a ventilator or any medical help other than a feeding tube. Faith's mom, Myah, was told to abort Faith, as the only value she had was as body parts for other children.

Today is Earth Hour, where we are all to turn out the lights from 8:30 to 9:30pm as a silent reminder that our energy consumption is ruining the planet. Personally, I'm going to turn on every single electric appliance and light in the house for that hour and maybe run the cars in the driveway, but then again I always eat red meat and run the AC really high on Earth Day, so perhaps my celebratory efforts are not always in line with the norm. Do as you see fit.

Why Are These Vegans Sent to Plague Us? "Vegans, you see, exist so that others may feel guilt about something completely normal: the desire to eat food that is tasty, nourishing and appropriate to our physical specifications."

Here's a review of the latest Hollywood dreck for children: Monsters vs. Aliens. Final verdict: "... nifty presentational tricks won’t make the movie less grating or shallow. Even the most advanced 3-D glasses can provide only the illusion of depth."

Check out this great article on How to Read the Bible.

And that's all for today. Have a great Saturday!


Lynn said...

You are a woman after my heart when it comes to this silly Earth Hour.

The lights are on, we drove into Austin today, went to dinner and I ordered steak. :D It is a little too cool today to crank up the AC but would have if the day had been warmer.

And, finally, Hillary is sad. I never thought I would even think this but I would have preferred her over the One.

Tari said...

I think Hill would have been worse in a way, because she would have been more organized. There's something so Amateur Hour about the current administration - the grown-ups have definitely left town.

We had lots of BBQ tonight, and ate outside under the heaters. I guess global warming really is a problem after all :)

Lynn said...

You are right to point out how organized Hillary would have been as president. I might have been in deeper shock than I am now. :D

Elizabeth Channel said...

Wow, that monster movie is the only way I conned my children into staying in their rooms while I hosted our small group...I even wrote a card with a warning on it...Now I'll have to go see it...Yikes!