Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sin for Sixteen Year Olds

Compliments of my sister in law: Check out the John Burroughs School prom invitation at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website:

Oh please, please click through and see this. You just have to. You really have to see this.

It would seem, as the article points out, that since the "after prom" party is sponsored by parents, some parents at least saw the invitation. Gah.

"Let the Sin Begin". Oh, I can't even begin to comment on this. Except to explain that, for those of you not familiar with St. Louis, that John Burroughs is a $20k a year plus prep school, Husband's high school's rival, and one of the few schools in St. Louis filled with the children of the county's elite.

I'm speechless.

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Anonymous said...

i'm disgusted. and i just posted this on my blog...thanks for bringing it to my attention!