Friday, March 20, 2009

True Beauty

A wonderful article written by Very Rev. John Breck on true beauty as found in God's creation - check it out.

"Beneath the artificial orderliness we try to impose on the world, there is a natural beauty, a loveliness perceptible only to those who can penetrate exteriors to behold the inner essence and value of things -- and of persons. To such visionaries, all of reality, every aspect of creation, is potentially capable of revealing ultimate Beauty, ultimate Goodness. As Fathers of the Church such as Ambrose and Augustine affirmed, any truly beautiful thing, like any truly beautiful person, is an epiphany of Divine Beauty, a revelation of God."

I love this idea that everyday beauty constantly points us to God. I've thought about it a lot (and written about it once). God's creation is beautiful, even as broken and marred by sin as it is. There are so many places we can seek out beauty - beauty that can remind us of how much our Creator loves us and loves this world He created. Take the time to look beyond the obvious, to find the hidden beauty in small things, and you will find a divine blessing there every time.

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