Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 Year Anniversary

Sometime around this week is the 10 year anniversary of Husband and I discovering there was a stranger in our midst - or, more accurately, in my belly. Yes, we found out, quite shockingly, that we were expecting One, just as I was leaving for a week's business trip to NYC. I can still remember the "oh sh!t" feeling and startled looks on our faces when we realized that our careless disregard of certain rituals had had their usual result. We were one year into our careers as attorneys; we certainly weren't planning on becoming parents. But God had other plans in mind, and there we were in our apartment, staring at one another in shock and amazement. That week alone in NYC was hard; acknowledging I'm not in control of my life is always a challenge for me, and this was such a big reminder that His plans were not my plans - whew! I'm glad that week is now a distant and confused memory.

Becoming parents was such a blessing from God, in so many ways I can't begin to describe. After we got over our own shock - and our mothers reactions* - my pregnancy turned into an easy and exciting time. Nothing compared to the adventure that began when One was born the following January, but splendid nonetheless.

Thank you God for my mistakes and Your glorious plan!

*As an aside, mothers' reactions were as follows:

MIL: "Oh my God, Tari, you're not going to quit your job, are you!??!"
Mother (bursting into instant tears): "I always prayed that God would close your womb!"

Yes, we forgave them, but geez ladies, get some, well, tact, self-control --- or how about just plain old Christian love?!

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Elizabeth Channel said...

That woman would fit right in to my family. (Aren't you glad God doesn't listen to her?)