Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bucket Lists

Should Christians have them? What do you think? Don't they imply that this life is all there is, and we need to get going and enjoying ourselves, because there ain't no tomorrow? Or am I stuck in the mud?

They remind me of my new least-favorite billboard - for Dos Equis - the one that says "life is short ... make sure it's enough."


Elizabeth Channel said...

I've never been one to worry so much about such lists because I figure in heaven you will be able to: A) do anything you missed on Earth and B) watch the happy/funny parts of your life you would love to re-live. While I admit many times I wish my eyes were cameras, I still believe I'll get to see the "good parts" again.

No theology to back this up whatsoever.

Faith only!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Oh on another note guess what I found today while book-hunting?

First Edition of the Grass Widow's Diary!

Do you have one already?