Thursday, May 21, 2009

How I know it's Summer

1. The cold tap water isn't cold: it's warm enough to shower in all by itself.

2. Bugs bugs bugs! (if it weren't so dry, this would say "mud mud mud!" instead) A baby spider in the sink this morning, a palmetto bug the size of a newborn baby on the stairs last night - they're everywhere, and they want my water.

3. I sweat in shorts and a tee shirt, until I realize: I'm wearing closed-toe shoes - no wonder I'm hot. Flip flops or nothing at this point.

4. My face turns the color of a ripe tomato five minutes into any outdoor exercise.

5. I'm consuming my weight in fruit every day, and in water.

6. My office has been set at "meat locker" by the building staff, and nothing I say will convince them I'm too cold to get anything done.

7. My glasses fog up when I leave the AC for the outside.

I love summer - even (and maybe, sometimes, especially) in Houston.

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