Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seen and Heard on the Internets

Why I love James Lileks - he can combine White Castle and Proust into one sentence and make it funny: "It’s the square hamburger, that’s what it is. Americans are ambivalent about hamburgers with right angles. Memories of sliders past. If Proust had bit into a White Castle instead of a madelaine, he would have written two pages about a frat party and left it at that."

Look: hideous modern art in red wax. Don’t you wish you lived closer?

How California is like China: a couple hosting a home Bible study is being harassed by San Diego County authorities. Via Drudge.

Amanda Witt links to Tony Esolen’s spectacular piece on abortion and why the line between pro-life and pro-choice is not a line, but a chasm – as proved by the President in his speech at Notre Dame. The perfect quote: “Except in the case of rape, there are no 'unintended pregnancies,' none. There are plenty of women who do not want to be pregnant, and plenty of men who do not want them to be pregnant, but in all those cases the pregnancies are the results of intentional actions that have pregnancy as their perfectly natural and perfectly predictable consequence.”

Jennifer at Conversion Diary writes on Kid Save - a summer program to help orphanage children.

And via Ecclesia: This Is Our Home, It Is Not For Sale - what looks like a fantastic documentary on the turbulent history of a Houston neighborhood – Riverside.

That's all for now. Oh, and aren't you glad it's a short week? Me too.

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