Thursday, March 25, 2010

Emerging into Nirvana

I'm shocked, simply shocked to find that the "Emergent Church", at least in the person of Brian McLaren, has degenerated its message to this in an effort to be "relevant." [Ed: it may be late, but that's a lot of sarcasm, missy. Me: shut up.]

Nor am I surprised that the Evangelical church creates such people, even as the Southern Baptists lament McLaren's very existence. When you tell people it's all up to them to interpret the Bible, everyone gets to use his own lens to do so. McLaren cares about social justice issues, so he sees that Jesus in the Bible. The Southern Baptists see Jesus dying to appease an injured God, so there is their Jesus, all ready for them to believe in.

What harm has been wrought in unmooring the Bible from the traditions of a Church whose main desire is to preserve the Truth, rather than reinvent it every few years!

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