Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Meaning

What does it mean to to have a "bucket list" when you're 23 and could die at any time? I've always thought the bucket list concept was over-rated, but Eva Markvoort has changed my mind completely. She's 23, in the hospital in British Columbia with chronic rejection of the transplanted lungs she received less than three years ago. Why the original transplant? She has CF, of course. Now she needs a second transplant, but time is not fighting on the side of the angels this time.

Despite all these circumstances, Eva fights on. And this past week she crossed another accomplishment off her all-important bucket list: she received her bachelor's degree.

Go Eva! And the rest of y'all, please, please pray for this beautiful, brave young woman. Would that all of us treat what we have to do in this life with as much urgency and passion as Eva does.

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