Monday, March 8, 2010

Math for Mondays

Elizabeth used to do this frequently, and I'd had such a day, I do believe it requires adding up.

1: vomiting husband who had to stay home today, lest he contaminate the entire city.

2: hard-working plumbers who finally found the sneaky leak in one of the old, nasty gas pipes under my house.

2400: dollars that I spent 4 years ago to "replace" all those old, nasty gas pipes under this house.

4: fits that I have thrown threatening to sue said lying, greedy plumbers (the ones from 4 years ago, mind you). 1 fit for each year.

150: (approximate) emails received today at work, all of which were written by people who obviously picked the wrong week to give up taking their Xanax.

1: dirty, foul dog who had an accident in my bed, while asleep with the vomiting husband.

5: loads of laundry I carted back and forth to my MIL's to use her dryer.

10: days we have been without gas service, heat, a clothes dryer and stovetop.

42: (approximate) number of times I have been asked for warm milk by children who keep forgetting we have no stovetop.

And in celebration:

1: very wonderful friend who finally decided to be on Facebook, allowing me to be in better contact with her from 1200 miles away. I miss you Bets!

1: washing machine which, after 3 years of refusing to pull hot water from the wall, finally gave up and decided to get on with it - just in time for me to wash the aforementioned laundry.

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