Thursday, June 24, 2010

The End of the Beginning

The boys have been at sleep-away camp this week: a first for all of us. I was expecting (just like with turning 40) that I would be a basket case about it, but that has turned out not to be the case. I was also half expecting Two to come back home with us - too frightened to stay - but instead he swanned off without a glance in our direction. Going to bed Sunday night after dropping them off, I questioned whether he'd actually given me a kiss good-bye. They were both instantly comfortable at camp, loved their cabins (which were lovely and brand-new), and were excited to explore. We left them at the pool for their swim test, and I snuck up to the fence to grab a last picture or two. Neither of them turned to see me, even though I was but 10 feet away.

I am so glad that they've had this chance to take such a big step, and very excited to hear all the details of the week when we pick them up on Saturday. I think I needed this week as much as they did; we parents need practice in letting go a little bit at a time. Before we know it, the big day will come, and they will walk off towards their dorm while we sit in the car, staring at one another and crying tears of fear and relief. So here's to this one step of many: a mom's version of a 10 month old's cruise around the furniture, before the big let-go-and-launch into open space.

(In time-honored tradition - although new to us - you enter the camp gates with your head stuck out the sunroof. Here they are, trying it out).


htownjenny said...

Good grief, Tari, you're killing me. I'm going to cry again right now just reading the title of this post.


Tari said...


It's not that bad. They've been inching away from us forever, haven't they? This is a big leap, but it's nice to know I can do big leaps as well as inches. And it's very good to know the boys can, too. They have a long, long way to go yet; we have to get them ready even if it makes us cry.

It would all be much easier if the dogs would stop whining and looking in the boys' rooms for them, though.