Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Four-O

Today is the day: I am finally 40.

I’ve been half dreading this day for months – hopeful that I could be positive about it but realizing that it would be likely I’d want to spend the day in bed eating chocolates and crying.

But guess what? I LOVE IT. I’m glad to be 40 – glad to be where I am in all things, even though I am quite aware at the same time that I am a miserable un-holy (quite literally) mess who needs a lot of work yet. I’m glad I’m finally old enough to have figured that out! And happier still that I’ve been blessed beyond all measure with a host of good things I could never earn on my own.

Thank you – all of you – who make this world a wonderful place to spend another 40 years. To my husband in particular, thank you for your healing, unchanging love and your limitless patience, both of which are gifts from God himself every day. You love me and cherish me like I never imagined any person could – or would want to – and that is the most unbelievable blessing. To my beautiful boys, thank you for thinking I’m a wonderful mother; I hope you never have a therapist convince you otherwise. I love you all the way to the moon and back; even on your worst days, your kisses make every day a birthday.

HELLO WORLD – I’M A GROWN-UP! Happy birthday to me … happy birthday to me …..

1 comment:

Elizabeth Channel said...

I suck, I suck, I suck as a friend.

It's like once you personally turn 40 you forget that others will one day reach this heralded milestone.

Seriously though, it's a cool age.