Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Tried to be Good

I realized a month or so ago that my favorite bathing suit was the same age as One. I thought I might need to do something about that, but hating bathing suit shopping as much as I do, I sat on it a bit. I was therefore so delighted when I read Meg’s ringing endorsement of Lime Ricki bathing suits, and I resolved that this was of course the solution I was searching for. I ordered two suits, and impatiently awaited their arrival. When they did, however, something became painfully obvious:

I am not made to wear a modesty swim suit. While I laud the goals of Lime Ricki – to provide modest yet cute swimwear that won’t get all out of place and require embarrassing adjusting – I think I have spent too many years falling out of various forms of not-so-modest suits to be comfortable in a lovely but exceedingly [ahem] controlling Lime Ricki model. Can I be more clear, girls? Spanx and their ilk are more comfortable – and leave you more room to breathe – than that suit!

So I’ve filled out the return form and packed up the box. This weekend I’ll nose around and find something that better suits my (apparently) slightly trashy nature. Or at least something that doesn’t squeeze me like a boa constrictor, anyway. Wish me luck.

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