Friday, April 24, 2009


That's me, crabby, cranky, you name it. Why? Well, this time it's because of this ridiculously misleading entry on the Joshua Project's website.

What the JP does here is misleading in 2 ways - first, they use the term "Bosniaks" and "Bosnians" interchangably, despite the fact that the first refers to the Muslim population of the country of Bosnia, and the latter refers to all citizens of that country. JP further confuses the issue by stating in 2 different places that the population of the country, the number of Bosnian language speakers and the number of "unreached" people all equal 1.9 million. How can this be if the CIA Factbook stated in 1991 that the country was more than 50% Christian?

My suspicion is, of course, that the Christians in Bosnia don't count as Christian for people at JP. They aren't the right kind, you see. They're Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholic (you remember, those two churches that have been around since the Book of Acts); the "unreached" kind of Christian, at least if you're an Evangelical.

Sometimes you gotta wonder about some people ...

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