Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The End: Coming to a State Near You

Texas has suspended all high school athletic competitions until at least May 11th.

Apocalyptic, isn't it?


Terro said...

Here's some perspective from the Junkfood Science blog:

Tari said...

Great article! I really am shocked that Texans are taking this so seriously they're going to give up HS sports, though! Thank goodness it's not football season!

I am still arguing with my husband about going on vacation in July to San Miguel. We have a great doctor there, we can bring Tamiflu with us just in case, it's not crowded like Cancun or anything - I just don't get what there is to freak out about at this point.

SarahHub said...

Well, it's not football season... We have a SWINE FLU CASE in St. Louis County now. Break out the masks.