Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day, Earth Day - Oh Joy, Oh Joy!

It's the annual week for child indoctrination at school, otherwise known as Earth Week. Somehow Earth Day has morphed into an entire week, and our otherwise delightful school uses it to best advantage to teach the children how awful it is we live in a modern society that allows their parents to earn enough money to pay the tuition at said school, and to own cars that allow them to drive said children miles and miles to said school (we have +30 zip codes represented at school, so many of us have a solid school commute every day - ours is 13 miles each way).

Ahhh, the sweet smell of white jasmine in the Texas springtime air - or is that hypocrisy I smell instead? Oh, never mind. There's really nothing like being lectured by a fully-indoctrinated 9 year old on water usage. He went to town on all of us last night, and I gently steered the conversation towards the need for people around the world to have access to clean water. When the Earth-worshippers start caring about people more than they care about nature - and by that I don't mean me, but people in the developing world who truly need more of us to care about them and help them - perhaps I'll be a little more willing to listen to a lecture about how the world will end if I don't turn off the water while brushing my teeth.

Tonight I think we'll celebrate the Earth by eating high on the food chain and running the AC at 72. Protein is good for growing boys, after all. Steak, anyone?

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