Monday, April 13, 2009

I Was Happy

I was fairly happy today, even though I discovered the TAX DEFICIENCY from Hell late this afternoon, but now, I'm not. Chocolate is in my immediate future.


I learned about this:

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Annual Easter gathering:

A sample of the schedule:

11a to Noon: Children's Easter
Noon to 2p: Live Entertainment
1p: Bonnet Contest, with Beach Blanket Babylon
3:40p: Hunky Jesus Contest

Yes, if you live in San Francisco, you too can take your children to see this:

Don't forget to stay for the highlight of the afternoon:

As we all know I am a well-known prude about such things. But really, honestly, GO FIND YOUR OWN DAMN HOLIDAY, PEOPLE!


SarahHub said...

So not funny...

Elizabeth Channel said...

This disturbs me in so many ways...

I am sort of sorry I saw this, but yet again glad you showed us. I can't believe how far we have gone...