Friday, August 21, 2009

Mad Woodworking Skillz

The boys spent this week taking a woodworking class, which they absolutely loved. Here are the fruits of their labors:

Two preferred the less-painted, natural look for his creations, while One enjoyed going to town with all the colors. Both were thrilled that they were allowed to use real saws, drills, and the glorious hot glue gun all by themselves. The teacher doesn't use any kits; she has pre-designed projects she's worked out and graded by level of difficulty. Once a child has done a project at one level he moves up to the next; the first six levels teach all the basics of woodworking, and after that they get more difficult and involved but still use the same skills found in those first six lessons. Can you tell she's also a certified Montessori teacher? ;)

I now have two enormous woodworking fans on my hands, asking where the nearest lumber yard is and when they can have tools of their own. Once they complete all six project levels, I think we'll have a home workshop to create! Someday I will hopefully blog about how we turned half our backyard shed into a woodworker's paradise. Not soon, but someday. Bob Vila, watch out!

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