Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Shape of Things

Instead of finding shapes in clouds, the boys have found shapes in maps. Each of them has always had a world map on the wall of his room, and apparently they have been doing more than studying them for countries, capitols and principal rivers.

To One, China, Japan, Russia, et al look like a dog. The Western Hemisphere is a runner almost ready to get down into the starting blocks; the eastern-most point of Brazil is his bended knee.

Two sees a dragon's head in China, with its fire-breathing nose right about where Hong Kong is. Russia is the body, and Europe and Africa make up the tail. Greenland is the tip of a flinty spear, and he hasn't entirely decided what the Americas are yet.

I have never looked at a map and seen anything but a map. Perhaps I became a grown up a little too young ...

Imagination is an amazing thing.

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