Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maclaren Recall and the General Dangers of Boys

Ouch! I'm glad I'm out of stroller range. Instead, we have safe things to worry about, like

"get off that skateboard or get your helmet!"

"are you sure it's safe to have six kids on the trampoline at once?"

"what do you mean you're riding your bike to the park alone, Mr. Six Year Old?"

"whose idea was it to play tackle football in the house (on the wood floor)? and

"well, yes, you got kicked in the head at taekwondo, but that's what all that padding is for, honey."

I just have to keep them alive. That's really my only job. They will be stinky and have horrendous table manners, but I'm going to get them to 18, dagummit!

I love boys.

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