Friday, November 13, 2009

School Days

Some random pictures from around school - we're still loving it and the boys are doing great.

Another cool clock, to go with the one outside:

The unofficial Chinese Mom's Club - they wait here every day for dismissal. Love the parasol.

Beautiful geometric front gates:

Marching home

Red is such a school color, isn't it?


We had conferences today and all is well. It's refreshing to know that Two is just as stubborn at school as he is at home, and his teacher thinks it's a riot and just rolls right over him anyway. And he loves her for it. One's teacher is the first he's had who emphasizes to us that he is so smart, which is also fresh air. She also knows he's a stubborn, prickly, exacting grouch at times, and she, too, likes him anyway. Such a good start to the year!

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