Thursday, November 12, 2009

Red Light Cameras Suck

Red light cameras, which are multiplying around Houston like rabbits breeding, may be more of a hazard than a help. The local CBS affiliate in LA did some research on cameras there and found:

"The final figures? Twenty of the 32 intersections show accidents up after the cameras were installed! Three remained the same and only nine intersections showed accidents decreasing."

HT: Instapundit.

Having dealt with these cameras for a while, I'm not really surprised. If you forget which intersections have cameras, you're in trouble: you look up, see the yellow light AND the camera, and crash on the brakes as fast as you can. Not a safe maneuver.

Isn't there an easier way to solve intersection crashes? Like timing the lights so all four sides are red together for 5 seconds, just to make sure everyone is done speeding through? I dunno - people go off to school for degrees in city planning; they have to have learned something other than "bust someone for making a split-second decision that didn't injure anybody."

It's pretty obvious at this point that the cameras are privacy-invading revenue generators and nothing else. Just another example of government at work for you.

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