Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Like everyone else today, I am in the midst of planning for the Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Here's what's on the menu:

Husband's perfectly brined and roasted turkey (he could win awards, I kid you not).

Mother-in-law's stuffing with raisins, onions and celery. Lots of white bread and butter - yum.

Whipped sweet potatoes, full of honey and butter and topped with mini marshmallows. Because you're never to old to pretend you're seven again.

Brussel sprouts roasted a la Barefoot Contessa. This year I may add some red onion and apple to the pan, just to change it up a little. This is Husband's favorite vegetable, so perfection is important.

Green bean casserole - not the traditional one but a new recipe from my friend Kelly. It involves sour cream and lots of cheddar cheese, so I knew from the moment I saw the recipe that it was made for us.

Some cranberry salad nonsense, also provided by the Mother-in-law. She and I love the stuff. We open a can of whole berry cranberry sauce for Husband, who has lived through too many Thanksgiving cranberry salad nightmares to be able to eat in anymore. If you ever think of it, ask him about the lime jello salad with shredded cabbage his mother made one year. He brings up the subject at the Thanksgiving table every. single. year. Poor, scarred man.

Rolls of some sort, being purchased perhaps right this second by Husband, who is at Whole Foods looking for last-minute ingredients. I married well - have I mentioned that before?

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream and Goode Company BBQ Pecan Pie with vanilla ice cream. I. love. pie.

The best meal of the year is only 24 hours away! Aren't you excited?

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