Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family Movie Night

I have a hard time with movie reviews - I think it's mostly because I don't like many of the movies being put out these days. Hard to blame the reviewer when he's sent to review schlock, but maybe I do from time to time all the same. Trying to get an accurate read on what's appropriate for the boys is even harder; people get picky when it comes to what their kids watch, but no one seems to have the same standards.

One review website I've been sent to, with high hopes that it would help make these decisions easier, is Kids-in-Mind. I hate to say it, but with every review I read, the message I come away with is "Someone said 'darn' and the dwarfs drank beer. Don't see Snow White." Not. helpful. If I didn't want to see any movies at all, I wouldn't bother looking them up. I'd just stay home and let the kids watch their 14,000th episode of Dirty Jobs.

But tonight I ran across another site, and I am astonished to say that it actually encourages me to see movies. It has exceedingly well-written reviews, points out the dirty details I might find relevant (which cuss words, any s*x?), but still glories in a good movie. Now that? That is helpful indeed.

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heresthediehl said...

we've been using this site for quite a while now, and i agree, i love it! i love that it's clearly laid out for you what you can expect without a real judgment about whether it's "ok" or not.