Monday, December 7, 2009

Such Cuteness!

Have you seen this commercial? These firecrackers remind me of my older niece, who is usually seen dressed in something precious, just like these girls are:

Oh how I love my boys, but watching something like this I want to jump up and down and yell "I want a daughter, dang it! Gimme one NOW!"

Some people have commented elsewhere* that this is inappropriate - disrespectful, s*xy and materialistic. As to the last point, well, it's a commercial - of course it's materialistic! And on the first two points - I'm usually hyper-sensitive to kids acting older than they should, but I really don't see that here. Maybe it's too many years in Texas talking, but they're just cheerleaders, for Heaven's sake! And could they have more clothes on? I just don't see anything here but extreme cuteness.

There's my two cents. As always.

*Actually in the comments - I don't think Barbara is being overly judgmental - she just raised the question and some Scroogish moms ran with it.

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Alexandra said...

I think the clothes in the commercial are really cute and would love to dress my girl up like that is I had the money. BUT, I don't like the commercial because of how sassy the girls are. I could never allow my daughter to talk that way to me. I think of all the little girls who will watch it and try to imitate. Not good. I didn't particularly find the girls overly sexy considering every inch of their skin was covered (it might be to sexy without the tights), I just didn't like the message the commercial was sending.