Sunday, February 14, 2010


"i thank you god for most this amazing day." - ee cummings

Stolen from Meg and Marcus - thanks guys.

I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving to God today. For the weather, which is finally warm and sunny (praise God!) for my perfect (in a human sense) 2nd child, whose birthday it is today, and for my church and its liturgy, which casts a veil of peace over every Sunday. In more detail:

Yes, it is warm today! This transplanted Yankee with thin Texas blood is going out in the back yard to bask in the sun. It has been a long time since I've seen the sun, and even longer than that since the sun has seen my legs. Eeek.

Two is 7 today. Seven years ago today, our family as we know it now became complete. Happy birthday to my creative, sensitive, beautiful and giving son. I love you bigger than the universe.

And as on every Sunday, Thanks be to God for the gift of the most beautiful liturgy, and the ability to celebrate it every week in freedom. Thank you for the prayers, incense and songs, and the peace it showers down upon us all.

And now, that the whole day may be perfect, holy, peaceful and sinless, let us ask of the Lord.

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