Thursday, February 4, 2010

He is Coming Home

For the two of you who aren't following the story of Ernest and Debra Parker and their son Ronel even more closely than I, let me be the one to tell you:

Ernest and Ronel are coming home to Houston. Tonight.

Praise God!

In case you don't know what's happened, here is Debra's blog. And a quick summary:

The Parkers were working their way through the paperwork to adopt Ronel from Haiti when the earthquake struck. Unable to get Ronel out with other orphans who had been cleared to leave, Ernest flew to Haiti and camped in the US Embassy. Literally. On the floor of the lobby for over a week. Through the intercessory prayer of hundreds (if not thousands) of people, and the selfless work of Congressman Ted Poe and Senator John Cornyn, Ernest and Ronel flew to Miami on a military transport plane last night. Now they are through immigration, through the children's home that needed to check Ronel out, and the word is they will touch the blessed ground of Texas sometime tonight.

Miracles are beautiful things, aren't they?

"We, thy thankful and unworthy servants, praise and glorify thee, O Lord, for thy great benefits which we have received; we bless thee, we thank thee, we sing to thee and we magnify thy great goodness, and in lowliness and love we hymn thee: O Benefactor and Savior, glory to thee."

UPDATE, 10PM: Ernest and Ronel had a race for their flight, but they made it and flew to Houston tonight in first class. Welcome home to Texas, wonderful Parkers. Thank you for letting us participate in your adventure ... and your miracle. God bless you and keep you well, now and evermore.

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