Monday, February 8, 2010

A Little More than Lamentable

Breitbart reports that the US has frozen spending on a HIV treatment program in several African countries. The program, which gives free antiretroviral therapy drugs to patients, was begun by President Bush in 2003. It was up for renewal this year, and the Obama administration decided to cut the program to the point that now it will be unable to accept new patients.

"We are heading to carnage. Carnage which had been put to a stop," [...] "There is no prevention programme that can succeed without treatment."

Your tax dollars, not at work doing good.

I'm juxtaposing this today in my head with a request I received at work. Will I review a lengthy and completely inapplicable document? asked an internal client. You see, the customer in question has received bailout funds, and one of the many strings attached to the money is that this particular agreement must be disseminated to and signed by all, no matter how inapplicable.

Your tax dollars, hand at work making scores of people deal with something wholly unnecessary.

If the Federal government doesn't revolt you, you're really not paying close enough attention.

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