Monday, July 11, 2011

Dreams of Empire

The boys - and by that I mean all three human males living with me - have recently been very taken with Top Gear, the UK version, of course. Episodes stack up on the DVR, only to be devoured by the three of them in gales of laughter and screams of surprise. The show's characters are analyzed: do we like James better than Jeremy, who really has the worst hair of the three of them, and how short is Richard, really really? The cars are enjoyed as a secondary pleasure, at least as far as the younger two are concerned. The contests, the potty humor, the constant ragging on one another: this is what makes their Top Gear world go round.

And so One says, quite thoughtfully the other day: "When I run the world I think I'll keep the British around. They're quite funny, really."


Oh dear. I mean, I'm glad he has a plan for adulthood and all that, but I really didn't think Middle School Megalomania would set in so quickly - before, in fact, middle school has begun at all.

It's going to be a long three years. I hope all those episodes of Top Gear will help distract him from world domination, at least until he starts to shave. ::sigh::

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