Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bedtime Snack

My love of s'mores is well documented, as is my love of sharing them with my nearest and dearest. Because I ask you: what more can boys want for dessert on a summer's evening, after all, then a melty, oozy, chocolatey s'more? Nothing, of course. But as much as I love sharing these favorite oojahs of mine, I like nothing more than stealing out to the fire when the coals have burned down low and making just one more, just for me, when no one else is watching. The boys are tucked safely in their beds, Husband is on the front porch with cigar, coffee, iPod and headphones, and I and my last s'more are left alone, disturbed only by the dogs, sniffing the air and wondering if there's anything in it for them.

No, nothing for you, sweet pups. Go back to sleep and leave mommy to her bedtime snack. G'night.

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