Saturday, November 1, 2008

21st Century Slavery

What can you do to stop it? Check out these 33 different ideas at the Call + Response website.

Think it doesn't happen here? Unfortunately, you're wrong. According to Slavery Map, here's just one incident that happened here in Houston:

"Maximino "Chimino" Mondragon and 8 other traffickers worked with Walter Alexander Corea and his son Kerin Silva to smuggle over 120 women, mostly from Central America, into the Houston area and force them to work in brothels. Lorenza Reyes-Nunez, aka "La Comadre," was involved in the trafficking and forced abortions upon women who became pregnant. The others involved include Maximino Mondragon's brother Oscar Mondragon, half brother Victor Omar Lopez and the wives or ex-wives of the Mondragon brothers, Olga Mondragon and Maria Fuentes. They are from El Salvador and Honduras."

Slaves were traded in open markets in Galveston before the Civil War -- Galveston was called by one author the largest slave market in the New World -- now 50 miles inland slaves are trafficked through the US's 4th largest city.

You don't have to fly 1/2 way around the world to stop slavery: it's in this country too. You can help wherever it is; please get involved. It's not just that there are 33 things you can do -- it's that there are 27 million reasons to do it.

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