Thursday, November 6, 2008

Anyhow I Love You

Husband has been singing this song to me for close to 19 years, without actually having heard it himself before:

As I've said before, I grew up a little nervous. Not just about God, but about most everything. Due to a whole bunch of circumstances I won't go into right now, I'm always a little afraid of being left. Husband is the most patient man in the world; he knows my irrational fears and he quietly reassures me that

"Just you wait until tomorrow when you wake up with me at your side and find I haven't lied about nothing."

Listening to him tell me he loves me is a balm to my heart. Not only that, loving him and being loved back, building that trust together, has helped me accept the love that Christ has for me.

Thank you God for my loving and gentle Husband!


SarahHub said...

We are so very alike.

I'm glad God sent you such a wonderful husband.

Marcus and Meg Asby said...

You are so great. I bet this post meant a lot to your sweet husband.

nina said...

Need is a funy thing: you can't really control it. I know this too well. I am so happy for you that your husband understands this.

Elizabeth Channel said...