Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Toys for Christmas

This year we're not actually shopping for toys. Yes, you read that correctly. The boys have so much, and it seems that every new thing, no matter how asked-for and exciting, is quickly put aside, broken and forgotten in the face of markers, drawing paper, wooden blocks, Legos, and sharp implements with which one can dig in the dirt.

So no toys this year. No batteries. Although, perhaps, a trampoline. Husband and I are in violent disagreement on this one, but the boys are fighting on my side, so there may be a trampoline.

What exactly do my kids play with that I would recommend?
  • Real, big Legos. The kit Legos get lost - you miss one piece and the whole thing's a wreck. The boys prefer the big Legos, so they can make anything they want.
  • Big wooden blocks. They last forever, your mom doesn't get mad when you draw on a couple - they're great.
  • Toy soldiers. Need I explain why?
  • Digging tools. You may not have enough mud in your backyard to want to buy these, but we have a good amount, and the boys' enjoyment of it has made me cast aside all plans of landscaping to get rid of it. Which is cheaper. And more fun.
  • A knife. Well, this is true only for One, but he received a Swiss Army knife last year and has had a great time whittling palisades for the front porch. Again, helping me out with those landscaping solutions: I don't have the heart (or the time) to take down the palisade and plant flowers in the porch flowerbox instead of sharpened sticks.
  • Paper, markers, tape, scissors. The possibilities are endless.
  • Weapons. Although the boys frequently make their own weapons, ready-made swords and shields are always popular.
There. All you need to keeps boys from 2 up busy all day long. It works for me, it will work for you.


Totallyscrappy said...

Tape. You are so right. Tape can keep my boys busy for hours. Of course, Tape and tin foil and you have a sword!

Tari said...

Tape is the best toy anyone ever invented! Two can go through 6 rolls a week.

CC said...

I totally gave my son tape for his birthday!!!! Now we make him buy it himself since he goes through so much!

I decided that I love you (platonicly of course). You also have an Advent Conspiracy button on your blog! And a great one I'd never seen before.

Holly said...

I'm seeing a pattern here...legos and blocks make almost every boy list, including mine. I like the knife idea though, I've got a boy turning 11 in a few days...

CC said...

So now I see that one of the things you hate is "DST". Did you see my Monday's post? Join the movement!!

Kerri said...

My kids do get tape every year. I found that the dollar store has some nice-sized rolls. It is not as high-quality, but if you are going to use 12 inches at a time anyway, how good does it really have to be?

We love swords, too.