Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Great Blizzard of 2008

I know, all y'all back home can laugh and laugh and laugh. And when it's still snowing where you are at Easter and we're grilling out back in shorts, it will be my turn. But I'm calling this a blizzard - and it is, Houston-style.

Gathering snow from the palm trees to make snowballs:

A glimpse of the Christmas tree:

The precious snowball:

It's actually sticking to the neighbor's car!

We love snow.


SarahHub said...

You are too cute! I especially liked the snow on palm trees!

Venomous Kate said...

Beautiful! I love the palm trees with the snow.

Tiff said...

I remember feeling like this when it snowed in Vegas. So unexpetedly cool!!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Snow jealousy headed your way. It's 78 here today...