Friday, December 5, 2008

My Real Christmas List

Melanie has a list of what she really wants for Christmas - I like the idea so I'm stealing it. We'll try 12, for the 12 days of Christmas of course.

More than anything else, I want:

1. to wake up and find that the slight beginnings of my double chin have disappeared

2. aspartame not to be poisonous

3. every variety of CSI/Law and Order/etc to disappear from my TV forever

4. a large, fashionable Spring wardrobe to appear in my closet, because from where I sit right now, ain't nothing going to fit come March

5. my five year old to decide veggies and fruit taste like chocolate

6. a phone that isn't full of static

7. clients with brains (this is a new wish - never had clients quite this dumb before)

8. my odometer to stop working so I won't be over my lease mileage in 18 months

9. self-washing dogs

10. the ability to go back in time and kill the person who would later invent reality TV

11. leg-shaving to become riotiously unfashionable


12. the ability to give Husband his true Christmas wishes - all 12 of them

1 comment:

SarahHub said...

I really, really want #4, too!