Friday, December 26, 2008

Why I Don't Go to the Movies Anymore (warning: spoiler alert)

Because even if I went to what looks like a cute holiday movie, it would be ruined for me by its creators.

Why do they have to kill off the dog? What makes us want to go see that? How is my heart warm when I leave the theater with my sobbing children (who are soon to lose their own dog, thank you very much)? Why can't I go to a "family movie" and leave feeling good? Is that so hard for Hollywood? Apparently it is.

And I'm actually glad people are vandalizing these movie posters in LA. Yup. I am.


Elizabeth Channel said...

See, now I don't need to see the movie! I don't *want* to see this. Thank you for sparing me!

CC said...

Bwhahaha! Riddle me this: Why has a graffiti "artist" already seen this movie?