Friday, January 2, 2009

BBQ Pilgrimage

We drove 450 miles today on our central Texas roadtrip - first to San Antonio to visit the Alamo and then to the Texas State History Museum in Austin. In between the two we stopped at a near-holy spot: Lockhart, TX. BBQ heaven, to those of you who don't know. We worship at Smitty's when in Lockhart, just off the town square from the magnificent courthouse:

Just to make y'all jealous, I'll take you on a little tour.

Here we are at the shrine of BBQ: no plates, no silverware, be prepared to get messy.

Now in the door and down the hall - can you see the smoke? You have no idea what this smells like. None whatsoever. Then around the corner into the smokehouse. Warm - can you see why?

Does this look at all good?

And the dining room - nothing fancy, but very cozy and comfortable.

Nothing but meat, and onions, jalapenos, white bread and cheddar cheese for sides. The best food in the entire world. God bless Texas.


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Mitzi and Jerry said...

Tari!! Jerry and I are going on a BBQ tour tomorrow! We are going to five BBQ places, a donut place, an outlet mall and a pie place. We'll have to compare notes. Actually, this will be our second BBQ tour. On our first one, we went to 9 places in 2.5 days.