Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sometimes He Scares Me

A week or two ago One and I were reading Edith Nesbit's The Amulet, and we got to the scene in Atlantis where the children come across a giant statue of Poseidon. The god is surrounded by dolphins and horses, and One is delighted that I don't know why the horses are there. The Greeks thought the white caps on the waves looked like running horses, he explains, and therefore believed Poseidon created horses.

And then he goes in for the kill.

One: "And that's why, mommy, in The Lord of the Rings when the river floods and destroys the Nine, there are horses hidden in the waves.

Me: stunned silence.

One: "See mommy - everything is all connected. Isn't it great!?!"

Oh help me.


Elizabeth Channel said...

Ahhh, H and I are sitting here reading this, smiling. It *is* great!

Marcus and Meg Asby said...