Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saving Christmas Cards

When we moved into our first house we had a big bulletin board in the kitchen I had no idea what to do with. I had a four month old - no pictures to hang, no finger paintings to display. So instead I cut out all the Christmas card pictures and hung them on the board; I've done it ever since.

When we moved into this house I bought a new board - here are last year's cards still decorating the kitchen hallway. It really brightens up a dark corner of the kitchen and, consequently, works for us.


Jane Anne said...

A good friend of mine does the same thing. It is so heart-warming to go to her house and see all of the pictures of her friends and family. Great idea!

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Elizabeth Channel said...

Quite crafty! I used to do this with the side of my fridge until Mr. OCD couldn't handle it anymore. Then I used my 1972 dryer (when it was in my mud room). Now? They are still piled up in my dining room. Where they will stay probably for the next 7 weeks or so.

Storm said...

Great idea.