Friday, January 9, 2009

I Never

It's the blog world's version of I Never over at Melanie's; I'm going to join in.

Stuff I've never done:

1. I never went to a Grateful Dead concert. And this disappoints me somehow, with Jerry being really actually dead now and all.

2. I've never hitchhiked anywhere.

3. I never nursed my children. I fed them breastmilk for a year each, but I used the pump for a variety of reasons. I am really bummed about this now, although at the time I didn't care at all.

4. I've never been to Washington, DC. Husband finds this endlessly strange so I include it here.

5. I didn't have a "real" wedding. We eloped with 2 friends in attendance and were married by a JP. It took 4 minutes to get married, and afterwards we tailgated on the maid of honor's Tahoe and drank champagne out of plastic cups. I recommend this as the best of all possible weddings.

6. I've never been to Vegas. And I will never go. I prefer my sin obviously nasty, rather than shiny and glimmery and faux-glamorous.

7. I've never read the Bible all the way through.

8. I've never broken a bone either. Knock on wood.

9. I've never been robbed (again, super-double-extra knock on wood).

10. I've never gotten a tattoo. I'm completely fine with them on others, but I couldn't ever do this to myself. One flu shot a year is more than enough contact with needles, thanks.

Join in (but keep it clean, girls). ;)

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Elizabeth Channel said...

This is fun. I need to do this one! I agree with your wedding comment. I had a medium-sized wedding and eloping would have been much calmer!