Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

At 4:30 this afternoon, Husband and I will have known each other 19 years and been married 13 - almost exactly down to the minute. These pictures aren't the best (since I scanned them myself) but here we are at the JP in Blanco, TX - we eloped and were married in a four minute ceremony. I can't recommend a better wedding day.

To our two friends who were with us that day: thank you so much for making that day so special, for the flowers, the champagne, the pictures. Every time we think of you we think of that fantastic day; it was an adventure, just as our lives together have always been!

To my husband: I love you even more today than I did on that day in the Hill Country sunshine. The look in your eyes as you stared at me when One was born, the times you've held me as I've cried tears of sadness and joy, all the evenings spent quietly enjoying each other's company - all these things have bound us together in ways that can never be undone. My greatest wish is to never be parted from you, not in this world or the next. I love you because you are the finest, most honest, funniest man I've ever met, I love you because God sent you to me, and I love you because you love me, too. Thank you for all that you are and for all that we share.


vofbaca said...

Wiping tears

SarahHub said...

What a beautiful love letter to your husband. Congratulations!

Elizabeth Channel said...

So earnest and sweet. I love the photos! Have a grand anniversary!