Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playing with Matches

Whenever I see this a warning like this I first think of my profession and it's ridiculous nature. But then again, on the other hand ...

When Husband was little his brother had a match collection. Some children collect Matchbox cars, or baseball cards - my brother in law collected matches. From restaurants near and far - wherever his parents went out to eat they would pick up a matchbox and bring it back to their precious first-born son.

So, maybe, some parents need warnings, some of the time. ;)


CC said...

I'm just imagining them sitting in their room lighting match after match after match. ;)

Anonymous said...

my brother would have burned our house down, no question. he was a bit obsessed with fire as a child!

btw, i "stole" your FOCA button for my blog, too! i signed up with them a long time ago but couldn't find a button at the time, so i'm glad i spotted it here!