Monday, January 19, 2009

Meow Meow Meow Meow

For a long time I haven't wanted a cat. My mom is the Cat Lady, and experiences visiting her house have taught me that cats are stinky. No matter what, it seems. Not that mom is the greatest housekeeper or anything, but yea gods, it smells in there! So no cat. And Husband is very anti-cat, having grown up in a house with German Shepherds. You can't be a Shepherd person and a cat person at the same time. If you were your head would explode, because Shepherds are the antithesis of cat. For goodness sake, they probably eat cat for breakfast every morning.

So no cat.

But recently I've been having cat thoughts. And the boys have been having them as well. We finally all discussed this, and a cat is on the horizon. Right now we are in no-new-animal mode, in order to honor Oscar. But in a few months, we may be the proud (and slightly nervous) owners of one of these:

What do you think?


Melissa said...

Are you specifically considering a Siamese variety? Because I would be wary of that particular breed - I've heard their genetic makeup (at least as it has evolved through the breeding process) has not worked to produce a particularly delightful feline.
On cats in general though, I say go for it. We are thinking of heading to the animal shelter soon to replace our beloved tabby who died many years ago - the one-eyed broken tailed Lil' Bill. He was a wreck of a cat with a lot of personality.

Elizabeth Channel said...

We're allergic so if you get one we can never come over again.