Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fake Police and Real Guns

Not many weeks after the Bellaire shooting of an unarmed man, it's happened again. This time in Stafford, a suburban community southwest of Houston. And this time to my church family.

Please pray.

I can't say how much it angers me that we put the authority of the law into the hands of people who are so obviously unable to handle it. I am not a gun control advocate, but I am an advocate of vetting and training police officers in such a way that this kind of thing does not happen. These tragedies happen in smaller communities more often than in big cities because that vetting and training process is not there. Nor are those officers, in some instances, given other tools that would prevent them from reaching for their guns. For example, just the other day we were in line for sandwiches behind a police officer from one of the small municipalities nearby. One whispered to me, in shock "but he only has a gun, he doesn't have a Taser!" And they don't. So what else do they reach for when they (a) feel in danger, or (b) want to be the hero?

Putting the law in the hands of the wrong people is criminal.

Please pray.

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