Monday, February 9, 2009

Walk the Walk

I don't like to blog too much about politics, especially since the election is long-over, but I found this comment by Ann Althouse interesting so I thought I'd share it. She was live-blogging President Obama's first press conference tonight:

"8:00: He ends exactly on the button. We hear a stomp as he steps off the podium, and his walk back into the White House is noticeably different from Bush's. How can I describe the different feeling I get from that walk? You can object to this if you want. It's just my feeling. I think Bush would walk away in a ritual fashion that said: I am the President and I have accomplished what the President must do. Obama's walk said: I'm a man who has this job and now I've done it and I'm out of here."

I think you can take that both ways, but I took it to be favorable to President Bush. Thoughts to the contrary?

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Elizabeth Channel said...

I took it the same way you did. I am sorry I did not see it for myself. Too cocooned in my own stuff to even peer out at politics lately...I know that's dangerous...