Monday, February 9, 2009

A Sign of the Apocalypse

I don’t know how other warm weather people feel, but this Snuggie obsession that’s been going on is a little disturbing. I know it’s a cold winter and all, and the economy is collapsing and you don’t want to turn up the heat, but really – wrapping yourself in a shapeless sleeved rug is going too far.

Remember Jimmy Carter’s cardigan in the 1970’s? Well, Snuggies are much worse than that dun-colored sweater. They are a capitulation, not only to the economy but also to the cold. And they make you look fat. So there.

Cold weather folks, where is your stamina? Where is the courage of your ancestors, those people who walked uphill in the snow ten miles back and forth to school each day? Did Peter Stuyvesant wear a Snuggie? Paul Revere? Roger Williams? Of course not. Did 19th century Midwestern pioneers huddle in fuzzy blankets in their sod prairie homes? Did Pa Ingalls require such a crutch? No sir, he did not.

Frost-bitten Northerners, throw off your Snuggies. Buck up, wear your long underwear, or pack up and move South like the rest of us.


Elizabeth Channel said...

That's quite funny because a friend of mine was telling me the other day that the only thing her 5-year-old had on his Christmas list was one of these snuggies. Brainwashing?

SarahHub said...

The Snuggie drives me nuts. It's nothing but a backward bathrobe! I think people's brains must be frozen.