Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Two

Six years ago at 6:46pm, Two made his entrance into the world. He was greeted by three "wows" - each directed at his prodigious weight. Since then he has developed the physique of a triathlete, but he's still making all of us say "wow".

One of Husband's and my favorite habits with Two has been trying to see who he "takes after". Just the other day he jutted his chin out in a particularly stubborn fashion, and Husband swore he saw his maternal grandmother lurking in there. He doesn't physically resemble Husband's father, but many times we've noticed a certain "engineering" quality about his actions to wonder if he is indeed the reincarnation of his Grandpa Tom. An example: when he was 18 months old, he and One were running merrily under the sprinkler. Two kept eyeing the thing, and finally dropped to his tummy, combat-crawled under the spray, and found the button that makes the water stop. He gleefully stopped and started the water over and over - a soaking wet, grinning baby in a droopy diaper, acting for all the world like a mostly naked, happy engineer.

Not-so-little Two, you are my dear sweet baby boy. Your cherubic good looks mask an inquisitive and insightful mind. You are constantly sizing up the world around you and discovering new ways of making things work. You have a heart for everyone; you are a loving friend, brother and son and have a real love for everyone you meet. You make friends so easily, and others follow your lead because they can sense that you really do care about them. You have a mischievous sense of fun, and you can make everyone laugh with a wink or a smile. Your determination is legendary: sometimes you are known to "fight the world" but your ability to stick to your guns can serve you well if you remember what is worth fighting for.

My dear blond boy, my prayer for you is that you will use your determination, leadership talents, and insightful mind to help make this world a better place. You tell me constantly that we need to work "until everyone in the world has clean water, everywhere", and I pray that your gifts will someday help make this happen.

“The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” - Numbers 6:24-26

Happy Birthday, angel.

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Elizabeth Channel said...

Great verse! I'm adding it right now to my collection of heart-encouraging verses I am having my children (and me too) memorize.